Automatically send customers their chat transcript and invite them to take a survey

Jun 07, 2012 | 1 comment

Looking for an easy way to connect with your customers? Remind them of their positive experience with your brand by sending them a copy of their latest chat transcript. You can even link a survey to the email and get valuable customer feedback.

Haven’t setup any surveys yet?
Create one in Admin panel -> Chat system -> System setup -> Surveys.

To start using this feature, follow the steps below:

1. Please check that you have correctly mapped an “Email” prechat field on the prechat form to “Email” CRM field in?Admin panel -> Chat system -> Customization -> Pre-chat requirements?so our system can use it to email a chat transcript to the customer.?Explore?the benefits of mapping CRM fields.

2. Make sure that “Email customers chat transcript automatically upon chat completion” is checked in?Admin panel -> Chat system -> System setup -> System settings.

3. Choose which survey should be emailed to the customer in the “Include link to satisfaction survey?” section of “Email transcript”. You may use HTML tags to format a “Please submit survey” message.
Admin panel -> Chat system -> Customization -> System messages.



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